Site plan

City of Niagara Falls finalized the site plan.   The purchase agreement is ready for sign, you are welcome visit our sales office to find the unit you like.  

Panorama condo is located at central Niagara Falls. close every things.  This condo is design to similar most  building in downtown Toronto in high quality by famous architect Mr.  Roland Rom Colthoff, president of  Raw Design Inc.  The structure pour concrete and steel, 9 feet ceiling, It provides a best comfortable living environment. Please see the feature in this website. 

Most buyers are understand the building location, quality that is very important. Quality building helps to reduce the maintains cost low, have best safety and have a better living for ever. 

Panorama condo is the best design for investment or retire life. the size, price, interior and material it uses top quality, such as the faucet that will be used Hungary cartridges Korex, the test indicated it can be used up to 500,000 times. we are not use cheap $40.00 faucet. each unit has  the own meter for hydro, water and gas consumption. each unit design to have fresh air all time. 

Please ask for more detail about this condo.




Why we should invest condo (housing)?

You may interest to use a cheap car, after you found this cheap car need a lot of repairing, or not safety. you just sell it with a unexpected very low price. when you use a better car like BMW or Audi. You will never use the cheap car again. Why? Price purchase quality for a better service. Car value can be dropped 10% every year. 10 year later, The value will increase high and you are happy with it. You may not happy with monthly payment for condo fee and interest of mortgage. but the value of the suite increase 10% every year, It covers what you pay. if you sell it, the gain may double the original purchase price after 10 years later. Why? The suite value increase much higher than the inflation. get a mortgage for your suite is a smart way to fight with inflation.

Why we should invest in condo?

Our life style has been change from 100 years. yesterday, the family has 10 children, house need a lot of space for the whole family. today, single people become more popular. the family has 2 children only. some or them have no children. the large house become not need today. also our life change to favour on travel, meet friend out side restaurant, bar. the house space become not necessary for meeting. as today job change, the house owner does not have time keep the landscaping and maintaining house. also the land in city become more expensive to rising the house price that force most people to living condo. therefore, condo will become popular today in Canada.

Should I continue living a rental apartment?

When the house and condo price increase, the rent of apartment will be increased as the inflation to drive the cost increase to balance the income to support the apartment expenses and profit. The rent pay for the utilities, tax, interest of mortgage and maintains. The fact is the apartment owner pay the down payment, collect the rent to support the interest of mortgage. finally, the value increase, the apartment owner have the solid profit not the renters. After tenant move away with not things but owner have the final increased value. Why I should rent an unit in apartment building pay the rent for not thing?

How to find a good suite?

You need consider finance, location, price, quality, size, when you found you can support the finance. go ahead to search a suite. that is right step, When you buy a suite, you must think one day you have to sell it. if put it on market, is it easy to sell? regardless price, if it can be easy to sell that means it is located at a good place. so, location is important. second is the quality of building. it relates to the insurance. also Chinese call fen-sui. If it is wood structure, It can be burned out. therefore, the insurance will be very expensive. and may not easy to sell it later day. high quality alway better. the next should consider the interior design and the material such as cabinet and layout that is good for living in today? today you pay little higher price, tomorrow you may save more as you do not need repair and renovation. The cost renovation or repair will cost much higher than the original cost. Here is a tip for you, if your child or children feel happy with it, it can be a good place. some time children very sensitive a new place.

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