luxury condo – Niagara Falls










8056 Mcleod Road Niagara falls. West 400 feet from the Gas Station.

4 km to Falls and New Hospital.

YMCA, Lowe’s, Walmart, Park, High school, Primary school,  Niagara Falls square shopping mall at corner.  Costco declares move into Niagara Square shopping mall.

1/2 km exit to QEW

Bus at front door.


Famous Niagara  Fall in world

Niagara falls provide you with the best living environment and provide a nonstop life source.



Do not need to go far for children to play, swimming, library, and exercise. YMCA has all.



The theatre is located at step far for you and children,  Costco will be located into the same location of Niagara Falls shopping center,


Lowe’s is just on the corner for your need. this plaza is expanding to be larger.


It is QEW highway in the City of Niagara Falls. Every one is a Sunday driver in City.

The new hospital coming soon

The new Niagara south hospital site is to be located on Montrose Road at the corner of Lyons Creek Road in Niagara Falls. This hospital plan to start to build 2019. complete at 2021 or 2022. according to the media.

Niagara Health says it will house services such as a full emergency department, surgical program, mental health and addictions, kidney care including dialysis, stroke centre, geriatric and complex care at the new hospital to cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Falls general hospital will be located on Montrose Road to replace all of the old hospitals in this region. It will provide the newest and best service to Niagara Falls


by Paul Forsyth


The city of Niagara Falls is the best place for retired life.